So school, for me, just started today and although I wasn’t ready for it, I had no choice. So I’m not gonna say anything about how I hate school or how school is hell because that would totally be inappropriate (WHAT).

 So I have been thinking of some ways on how to make this school year a success! I have come up with a list of resolutions that I sure would do for 10 months. Hopefully, I can keep my word to this promise as I don’t want to be disappointed with myself—again.
Anyways, this list isn’t all about me, I want it also to be helpful to you guys so be free to write this list of resolutions on your notebook or papers!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the quotes I have posted below. The edits are the only thing that is mine.


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I hate cleaning up, I hate chores and believe me when I say I wasn’t that organized before. I didn’t care if my bag looks like a forest, I didn’t care about my room being a total mess. So as my number one resolution, I pledge to myself that I will keep my study table clean all the time and I won’t let my bag be filled with crumpled papers.


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Whatever topic or list I make about resolutions, this will always be on the sheet. It’s more of a rule than a resolution, though. I need to keep my priorities straight and I will never let my problems get in the way of my studies.
If you don’t know how to do this, simple take a deep breath. Get your book, a pen and a paper. Play some classical music, and let your mind flow in your studies and not on your problems.


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Not sure if I can do this, though. I mean, isn’t it nice to go home after a long school day and just scroll through your twitter/instagram/facebook feed? NO, NO! I cannot tell myself that. You do not make excuses! But don’t you need to be updated about your favorite boy band or Niall Horan himself? I can always check that after studying or when I get a 15-min break from studying. That’s more like it.
Why am I such a geek?
Anyhow, I can always have a break from studying—or I can multitask? Mhm, let’s see.


blog 4

Whether it’s homework, bags, exams, I shouldn’t leave it until the morning because that would take lots of time. Not to mention that I still have to get ready!


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I sleep late during summer—I spent my nights curled up reading books, watching movies and going through my Pinterest. So now, I say hello to early bed nights! Also, it is nice to start the day not worrying about things! Waking up earlier than your alarm clock means you can meditate, work out or eat the heaviest breakfast. (Though I have a problem with this because I have to get up at 5am—but this is definitely a must!)


blog 6

I have a planner journal, picture journal and art journal but I have never tried a health journal before. My health journal starts on July, since I would love to start it on the first day of the month. I started this because I want to track my sleep and my health! Also, this is me being organized with life. Hopefully, I would keep up with this until college or work!
WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE AN HEALTH JOURNAL: You can keep tracks of your sleep, what you eat or how many glasses you drink a day. You can also track your moods! There are many printable sheets on Pinterest that you can find if you don’t want to write/sketch it, but I would recommend writing on your own since it will boost your creativity skills.


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Seize the day! Don’t be afraid to stand up in a crowd. Inhale all the fears and exhale the confidence. Study hard, y’all!

Much love,


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